Promotion of Scientific Lac Cultivation

The objective of this programme is to increase the Lac production in the state and facilitate Lac growers by promoting scientific method of Lac cultivation, adoption of good practices and increase the socio-economic condition of Lac growers of the Primary Co-operative Societies/ SHG’s/ FPO’s etc.

The training duration is of one week (Institutional – Five days). Training will be provided by NISA – ICAR (National institute of secondary agriculture) / Institute of Forest Productivity, Ranchi (IFP) / Master Trainer (ToT) a panel prepared by the NISA-ICAR / other agencies / Retired technical IINRG, IFP personnel empanelled by JASCOLAMPF. Training is imparted free of cost with accommodation and fooding facility.  However, the beneficiaries has to pay their To and Fro transportation charges.

The training programmes include the different steps of Lac cultivation such as:

  1. Lac Host Plant management
  2. Lac Seed Inoculation
  3. Pest and Disease Control
  4. Harvesting and Seed Preservation
  5. Post-Harvest Treatment/ management

Distribution of Toolkits &Equipment’s: Toolkits & equipment’s that are used in Lac cultivation is distributed at subsidised rate i.e. 90 %.

Sl. no.


Unit per Lac grower



1 each


Spraying Machines (Rocking Sprayer)

1 for group of ten beneficiaries


Scraping knife

1 each


Synthetic netting 

200 per Lac grower



1 each




A)    Indoxacarb14.5%SC

100 gm/ml per beneficiary


B)    Hexaconazol 0.5% EC

100 gm/ml per beneficiary


Heavy-Duty Aluminium Extension Telescopic Ladder with Hooks/Portable and Compact Foldable Ladder

1 for group of ten beneficiaries