KUSUM EMPORIUM is an initiative of Jharkhand State Co-operative Lac Marketing and Procurement Federation Ltd., to promote handicrafts and handicraft artisans of Jharkhand. Kusum is dedicatedly providing a platform to showcase the handicraft artisans of Jharkhand since 2014. Brand Kusum has been successful in giving face to dying art forms of the state as well as to the unrecognized faces that create wonderful art forms that decorate homes and humans. Kusum in its initiative has taken a step forward by bringing its showroom online for wider reach through Amazon, GeM etc. and overall welfare of artisans associated with handicraft of Jharkhand.


Product categories available at KUSUM EMPORIUM

1. Lac Handicrafts

2. Button Lac & Lac Sealing Stick

3. Bamboo & Wood crafts

4. Jute handicrafts

5. Dhokra / Ceramics / Brass utensils / Blacksmith works

6. Terracotta

7. Handcrafted Jewellery

8. Handlooms

9. Honey / Tamarind cake / Chironjee seeds & other value added forest products

10. Handmade Incense sticks / Aroma candles / Handmade Soap etc.