Sn.Product Details

Seed Lac

Seed Lac is a granular material obtained from stick lac by crushing and washing. Seedlac is mostly used for conversion into Bleached Lac and different types of Shellac. U.S.A., Germany, U.K. and Japan are the main buyers of Indian Seedlac.




Co-Opt Lemon Shellac

Our Co-Opt Lemon Shellac is manufactured using 1 to 1.5 percent of matter insoluble in hot alcohol and is free from resin and orpiment. Our Co-Opt Lemon Shellac is increasingly becoming popular day by day.


Co-Opt Orange Shellac

Dewaxed Orange Shellac is produced from carefully selected raw materials by the solvent extraction system.Co-Opt Orange Shellac is used as a one-product finish (combination stain and varnish-like topcoat) on decorative wood paneling used on walls and ceilings in homes.


Co-Opt NT Shellac

Co-Opt NT Shellac is an animal based product, a resin secreted from the "laccifer lacca", an appleseed sized bug in India. It was used for hundreds of years as woodworking finish. When harvested, it has a content of 2 - 3 % wax.




Button Lac

The shellac is refined in stages and becomes lighter in color and more transparent. Brown seedlac is first refined into "Button Lac," so called because it is poured out into disks for easy handling.




Aleuritic Acid

Aleuritic acid, or to be precise α-aleuritic acid, is a major ingredient in the resin known as shellac, constituting about 35% of it. Aleuritic acid is used as a starting material in the perfume industry for the preparation of musk aroma.


Lac Bangles

Some Lac bangles are plain, other are studded with glass pieces, bright stones, beads etc. The designs on the plain bangles are the traditional wavy or zigzag.But in the ornamental ones there are many varities like patta and phooldar(floral).


Lac Handicrafts

Lac handicrafts are artistically crafted from beautiful wooden beads of various shapes, colors, & sizes and decorated with beads.


Lac Jewellery / Ornaments

Jewellery making in India is most distinctive, highly artistic and elaborate craft. The simple motifs are brought from the immediate environment and developed into artistic and stylish patterns. Lac is used to make attractive Lac Jewelleries.


Sealing Wax

Sealing wax is a material which, after melting, quickly hardens (to paper, parchment, ribbons and wire, and other material) forming a bond that is difficult to separate without noticeable tampering. It is compounded from a mixture of various proportions of Shellac, turpentine, resin, chalk or plaster, and colouring matter .


Shellac Paints

Shellac has very important use in the Paint industry. Shellac will stick to almost any glossy, hard-to-paint surface and is the only coating in the world that will effectively block wood knots and sap streaks, preventing then from bleeding into the finish paint.


Shellac Primer

Shellac is also used in primers. Tinted shellac is a great interior primer whose main use is to seal in severe stain damage (like severe water stains or for nicotine stains).


Shellac Wax

Shellac Wax is a hard wax separated from shellac by its insolubility in alcohol. Shoe Polishes which normally consist only of paraffin and montan wax, give a highly shining surface if only a small amount of Shellac Wax is added; moreover as substitute for Candelilla Wax.