Jharkhand State Co-operative Lac Marketing & Procurement Federation Ltd. (in short “JASCOLAMPF”) has its state of the art factory located at Sidraul, Ranchi. The factory is ideally located in a large area with all the modern machines and equipments necessary for Lac processing.

The factory employes a large number of local tribal people specially women, thus providing employment to local poor people.The factory has modern facility for manufacturing Aleuritic acid.Aleuritic acid has huge demand in the local market as well as in the international market.Apart from these, the factory also produces a variety of products like:

  • Sealing wax
  • Seed Lac
  • Button Lac
  • Aleuritic Acid
  • Lac Bangles
  • Lac Handicrafts
  • Bleached Lac
  • Lac Dye
  • Co-Opt TN Shellac
  • Co-Opt Lemon Shellac
  • Co-Opt Orange Shellac
Balaji Ganesh


Dhoka Jewellery Box

Halima Bangles

Jute Tricolor Bag

Sakhi Bala

Sakhi Bangles

Sakhi Chudiset


Swati PaperNeck lace